False information

The front page of www.redsox.com has false info about Curt Schilling's injury. In the article, they admit that no one is saying what exactly is wrong, but the front page (which is where most people get their info) they are saying it's a torn rotator cuff.

So I wrote them a letter:

I find myself extremely upset at the moment that, contrary to everything the club and Curt Schilling both say, RedSox.com has the nature of his shoulder problems as "torn rotator cuff" on the front page, whereas in the article there is a statement that the "nature of the...injury is unclear." This is not only shoddy reporting, but a patently false statement on your front page that should be remedied immediately. To continue to perpetrate the rumours that have been floating around for days serves no one, especially the fans who pay your lovely club money every year and keep it going.

Please fix this glaring error immediately.

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